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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs! Where we make learning both fun and rewarding. Have you ever sat down and asked yourself if you could learn and master the guitar? Are there any guitar teachers near me? Is there even a guitar teacher in Colorado Springs? Simply put, yes!

We at Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs have been serving our community for years offering the best guitar lessons with the most up-to-date teaching techniques. Every instructor in our facility familiarizes themselves with the latest equipment and guitar playing styles.

The trust you instill in our instructors is not something we take lightly. We want to earn not only your business but your trust. Trust that what you are learning is correct and can give you the confidence to play in front of anyone, anywhere, at any time.

colorado springs guitar lessons
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About Us

About Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs

Our mission at Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs is to make learning guitar not only easier than you expected but so much fun! Your Colorado Springs guitar teacher will not only teach you to play guitar. They promise to teach you the joys of playing an instrument and gain the confidence to share that joy with others.

No other facility in the greater Colorado Springs area can give you an experience quite like ours. We have specific lesson plans that cater to students of all ages guaranteeing not only results but a perfected teaching experience that will have you craving more every time your lesson ends.

Why Choose Us?

You may be asking yourself what separates us from the rest? The answer is simple, our instructors! Our local guitar teachers have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft in music as well as teaching others. The passion for music they are so desperate to share with you is evident the moment you step through our doors for the first time. When you ask the question, “are there guitar lessons near me?” We always want to be the first lesson facility that comes to mind.

Each instructor we employ must consistently demonstrate a passion for both music and teaching. Not only that, but they remain up to date on all of the latest music gear, music genres, and playing techniques that are sure to match whatever music you wish to learn.

Our company values consist of:

  • Customer Service
  • Self-improvement
  • Trustworthiness

We want nothing less than your absolute trust in our instructors to consistently improve not only your musical skills and talents. But to always improve themselves and continue their own journey in mastering their skills as well. Our belief is you can always improve and there is always more to learn.

If you doubt for even a moment that we may not be the best, take a look at our customer reviews. Our reviews say it all!

What To Expect?

First, you can expect nothing less than the highest quality lessons imaginable. Only the best in customer service. As well as a smiling face and sense of friendship you can grow to depend on when you visit us each week.

When you arrive on your first day, we will spend our first lesson asking about the most important tool in your musical journey. You! We want to know all about you. We want to know your playing experience if any. We also want to know what music you enjoy listening to, what are your goals when you learn to play guitar, and what do you expect from your guitar teacher?

Next, we will review lesson plans and make sure they are the right fit for you. We will set a well thought out timeline to get you started right away. We will also review equipment you may need that is relevant to your instrument and your success with your instrument.

Finally, we will discuss pricing and what lesson package works best for you. We will discuss your needs and goals to make sure you obtain those goals in a timely manner.



At Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs we offer more than just basic guitar lessons. Please read through all of the services our facility has to offer and make sure you are choosing the right one for you or for your family member. Guitar lessons can be a wonderful gift to others!

beginner guitar lessons colorado springs

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

If you are someone who has never held an instrument in your entire life that is perfectly fine. That’s what we are here for! Our guitar lessons for beginners start from the very basics explaining how a guitar works, how songs are made, all the way to playing like your favorite band. When you sign up with Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs you’ll be playing songs faster than you ever thought possible.

kids guitar lessons colorado springs

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Guitar lessons aren’t just for adults, they are for kids too! We have students currently that from a very young age could pick up an instrument and learn with the highest enthusiasm. Remember one of our goals is to make learning fun and it certainly shows in our younger age groups. Our teachers thrive off of the talent of our upcoming generation. If you have a young one showing the slightest interest in music don’t wait, sign them up today!

colorado springs bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

Ever thought about playing the bass guitar? If you are unfamiliar with the bass guitar, it is just like a guitar except it has four strings instead of six. The notes produced by the bass are much lower and help fill in the sound gaps between drums and guitar. Our bass guitar lessons will teach you how to maneuver around the fretboard and play fun rhythms and riffs along with your favorite songs. Because let’s face it, music simply wouldn’t be the same without some bass.

colorado springs electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Typically when someone thinks of a guitar, they think of the classic electric guitar. For years, the electric guitar has awed and inspired millions. Our electric guitar lessons can start from the very basics where you will learn scales, chords, music theory, and much more! Before you know it, you will be playing those classic songs you grew up listening to on the radio.

colorado springs acoustic guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Have you tried picking up a guitar a few times, only to fiddle around for a few minutes only to put it back down? Maybe you tried watching videos online or read a book but still couldn’t find the motivation to really take the time to learn guitar? Then Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs is the place for you. We teach all ages of all types of skill levels including adults who are convinced they cannot learn to play guitar. All you need is some accountability from one of our instructors and you’ll be playing songs and riffs you never thought possible.

colorado springs acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Have you ever been sitting around a fire wishing you had an acoustic guitar you could play to get everyone singing? Well, now you can! Our acoustic guitar lessons will teach you how to play guitar chords and how chords are made. You will also learn how to decipher what key you are in and how to play along with your favorite acoustic songs in seconds.

colorado springs classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical guitar is an art form all on its own. The complexity of many songs will be both inspiring and impressive when you can confidently play these songs for your friends. Our classical guitar lessons will teach you the theory behind not only chords, and how they are created. But they will teach you skills like fingerpicking and playing multiple notes at once within the chords creating a wonderfully relaxed feel to your songs. Add classical guitar lessons to your wishlist today!

Service Area

About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs lies at the foot of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 6,035 feet. It resides near Pikes Peak which is a landmark in Pike National Forest. This national forest is loaded with hiking trails that lead up to its 14,114-foot summit! The city’s Garden of the Gods park features red-sandstone formations and marvelous mountain views.

Colorado Springs is a fantastic travel destination for anyone who wishes to enjoy a wonderful outdoor and hiking experience. Coupled with waterfalls, and many other natural wonders.

Colorado Springs was rated one of the best places to live in Colorado and houses many families that are looking to create a forever home. Colorado Springs’ median home cost is half the cost of neighboring Denver, leaving families and young professionals with the comforting feeling of affordability.

We cover these surrounding areas:

  • Denver
  • Aurora
  • Manitou Springs
  • Gleneagle
  • Fountain
  • Wigwam
  • Yoder
  • Peyton
  • Monument
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to save money, are guitar lessons really necessary?

The wonderful part about living in this day and age is the internet. You can access so much information at the touch of a button, including all you need to know about playing the guitar! However, no amount of online videos or books can establish the accountability and constructive criticism that your instructor can provide. So yes, we feel it is necessary that you thrive off of the accountability lessons and instructors bring into your life.

My dream is to start a band, will I learn enough to make my own music?

Absolutely! Our instructors will teach you how to not only play along with your favorite songs but how to use the skills we teach to create your own music. With our lessons, you will learn music theory, composition, guitar scales, chords, key signatures, and much more. Not only will you learn how to create your own songs at home, but we will teach you how to create awesome riffs on the spot. Now isn’t that impressive!

Besides a guitar, what gear will I need?

Any musical instrument you learn will require a certain amount of care and upkeep. That being said, as you learn more about your guitar you will learn about other products to purchase in the future. Items such as replacement strings, and other products you can purchase to customize your guitar. If you play an electric guitar you will need to purchase some form of amplifier and cable.

What kind of guitar pick should I buy?

This is all personal preference, unfortunately. As you become more familiar with your instrument you will find which picks fit your hand and are most comfortable to play with. In the beginning, we recommend going to your local music shop and purchasing different sizes and gauges. This way you can find what works best for you!

How much are guitar lessons?

Our prices vary depending on your needs and your drive for success. We offer various lesson packages that will make sure all your needs are met. Typically, lessons are a half-hour long. But we do offer hour-long lessons for an additional cost. Please visit our facility for additional information.

Customer Testimonials


I purchased a year's worth of guitar lessons for my grandson for his birthday. At first, he was reluctant to even attend. Now three years later he is playing in a band and professes to anyone who will listen to his love for music and guitar that was instilled in him from his instructor at Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs. Thank you so much for all you do and keep spreading the love of music to others the way you have for my grandson.

Cheryl D.


I had many years of playing experience before seeking out the best guitar lessons Colorado Springs, Co had to offer. I thought I knew it all. I had no idea I was missing out on so much knowledge. Thank you for inspiring me to continue my learning.

Frederik R.


I was terrified when I went in for my first lesson. I had never played guitar a day in my life, but I wanted to learn so bad! My instructor started from the very beginning, and now I can play guitar solos and riffs I never dreamed possible. Thank you for working with me all these years. You guys are the best.

Chris K.

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It’s no secret that the key to a successful student is an experienced teacher right there to guide them. With your Colorado Springs Guitar Lessons, you will receive just that. Our recipe for greatness combines the fun of learning with the victories of success that will have you or your loved one building confidence and success in just a couple of lessons. We guarantee it!

If you have any questions or concerns we are here for you. We want to be your guitar lessons teacher for life! So if you want to know how to play guitar, call us today and make sure you are receiving the best guitar lessons your hard-earned money can buy.

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